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Support Peninsula High School Choir

As you might imagine, a lot of time, work and resources go into making choir one of the most positive and enriching experiences available at Peninsula High School, and we need your help.  The funding received from Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (PVPUSD) is extremely limited and does not come close to covering the actual operating expenses of the choir program.  That’s where the Choir Boosters come in.  In addition to providing Mr. Doctor with the administrative and organizational support he needs to run the program, we exist to raise funds that allow your child to have an extraordinary choral experience. Without parent contributions, many of the activities that make up your student’s choir experience would be cut from the program (e.g., performances, festivals, our accompanist, etc.). 


What PVPUSD Covers: 


1. Mr. Doctor's regular salary and benefits 

2. Ms. Chia’s regular salary and benefits

2. A choir room for class with a piano and sound system


What Choir Boosters Cover: 


1. Compensation for an accompanist 

2. Rental fees for concert venues

3. Cost of participating in choral festivals (registration, buses, etc.) 

4. Sheet music and licensing

5. Piano tuning 

6. Website, supplies, equipment, office costs & other misc.


To run our amazing program, we are asking for a tax-deductible contribution for each student participating in choir. We understand that not everyone can give. We also understand that you already may have been asked to donate to other booster clubs for programs in which your student participates. Unfortunately Choir Boosters do not receive any of the money donated to other programs. Your donation in no way affects your student’s ability to participate in our Choirs, however, we would very much appreciate your donation in any amount to help us continue to run the program.

To donate go here.

On your mobile device, use this QR Code:

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