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Peninsula high school is proud to offer a comprehensive Choir program that can meet the needs of most students from the beginning singer to the most advanced vocal soloist. Our multiple ensembles offer the opportunity to learn the basics of singing or to hone already learned skills. Our Choir program includes Women’s Treble Choir and Varsity Voices.  3rd period Women’s Treble Choir is usually a smaller group and allows for a more intimate experience.  4th period Varsity Voices is a mixed ensemble.  A larger choir for those that prefer to sing in a co-ed group.

Why Choir?

  • Become a BETTER MUSICIAN and build CONFIDENCE.

  • EXPLORE Pop, Classical, Broadway, and other styles of singing.

  • Sing with FRIENDS and make new ones

  • TRAVEL opportunities!

  • Choir counts as your required ARTS CREDIT!



  • Do I need to have a “good voice” to join choir? No - all students and all levels are welcome! You will learn to sing in a group setting that is safe and supportive.

  • Is choir an actual class during school hours? Yes. Choir class is during the school day just like any other class. There are no choir classes after school.

  • Can I do choir as well as sports/drama/AP courses? Absolutely! We have students in all of the mentioned activities, from varsity football to the musicals after school. Just speak with your counselor.

  • What kind of music will I learn in choir? You will learn all types of music, from Broadway and Pop (rock, funk, jazz, indie, etc) to Classical. Students will never be forced to sing a solo, however, solo opportunities are available to those who are interested.

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