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(Updated: June 13, 2023)

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Required Athletic Clearance

Athletic clearance is required for participation in Marching Band and Color Guard. Completion of athletic clearance needs to be done prior to summer Band Camp. Go to You will need to set up an account with Home Campus first if you do not already have one.

Home and Away Game Uniforms

All Marching Band students must have a set of home and away game uniforms.

  • Home game uniforms are also used for competitions and are kept in the Band Room. All students must have been fitted at the beginning of the school year.

  • All Marching Band students must have the Drill Master marching shoes. Place orders through the Peninsula Marching Corp Membership form.

  • All Marching Band students must have the Jacket and T-shirts that make up the top half of the Away Game/Casual uniforms. Place orders through the Peninsula Marching Corp Membership form. In addition to the jacket and T-shirt, students must have a pair of black jeans or knit khakis.

Participation Fees

Pen High Band and Guard relies on each family paying for their student's involvement as it gets no funding beyond teachers and band room from the school. These fees pay for busses and other transportation, equipment maintenance, and everything else needed to run the department and attend shows and competitions. In addition to the participation fees, new band members will need to purchase marching shoes and the Marching Band jacket and T-shirts to be worn during away games and pep rallies.

To pay for participation fees and purchase required uniform items go here, or use the QR code:

To split up large one time payments, a scheduled payment option is available.

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Band App

Marching Band is using Band App to keep everyone up to date on the latest announcements, schedules, and goings on. It will also be a primary form of communications between Mr. Z and students as well as parents.

Sign up for Band App at: 

Once registered with Band App, download the app from 


link to Pen High Marching Band here,

or scan the QR code:

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