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Color Guard/Winter Guard

Color Guard is a high energy group of dancers that use props to help in their interpretation of music through choreography. During the fall, Color Guard works in conjunction with Marching Band to provide exciting half-time shows and perform at competitions. Color Guard members make the same fee payments as Marching Band and rehearse along with Marching Band.

Color Guard students receive either P.E. or electives credit, has mandatory meetings during class time everyday and some after school periods, and are graded.

In addition to paying the Marching Band fees, Color Guard will also need to pay for additional uniforms and equipment (approximately $150 - $175). Students who elect to continue on to compete as Winter Guard will be asked to cover the cost of extra coaching, uniforms and equipment, and transportation (approximately $500).

During the winter and spring, Color Guard becomes Winter Guard, a stand-alone indoor competition team. Winter Guard auditions are independent of fall Color Guard auditions – though many Color Guard members return as Winter Guard members, new members may also join for the winter/spring session. Winter Guard after school practices are 3 - 4 days a week for 2-3 hours and attend 3 competitions.




Color Guard follows the Marching Band schedule in the Fall for performances. Make sure to check the "Take Note!" and other appropriate Marching Band sections for important information, fees, and schedules for the fall season.

Color Guard Attire

During Rehearsals

  • Attire for workshops and auditions is comfortable and form fitting

  • Closed toed athletic shoes. Athletic shoes must be able to flex enough to point feet/dance

  • Long hair should be up and secured with an elastic band. 

Competition and Home Game Performances

  • Black and Gold Uniform top for away games, football games, and pep rallies will be provided

  • Students will need their own form fitting black bottoms/leggings

  • Competition Uniform will be purchased by the students and will be selected based on show concept each season

  • Shoes should be all black athletic shoes with enough sole flex to point feet/dance comfortably

  • Black socks should be long enough to cover the ankle

  • Hair and make-up will be decided each season based on show concept

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