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We Need You!

Fund Raising for new uniforms

Marching Band is finally getting new uniforms. Our current field show uniform has served us well for 25 years, but it's time for an update and several have become beyond repair. We really need your help to close the gap on paying for the uniforms, which are about $300 each. Remember that your donations are fully tax deductible. Even better, consider a company match for your donations. To donate, you can write a check to the PVPHS Band Boosters or donate here.

Fund Raising for Disney Imagination Campus

Each year PVPHS Band participates in an educational and fun field trip to build camaraderie, team work, and musicianship skills. For the 2023-2024 school year, we will attending the Disney Imagination Campus Performing Arts Workshop at Disneyland. Students will experience what it is like to record in a professional sounds studio, sight read, listen, and perform as a professional would, and receive professional feedback. Every student will receive a recording of their performance to take with them. Then, after the session, students will have the opportunity to enjoy the park for the remainder of the day.

To make this trip a reality, we need to cover the cost of transportation, workshop, as well as park tickets. To reduce the final cost to the students, please consider making a fully tax deductible donation to PVPHS Band Boosters to cover as much of this as possible. We suggest a donation of $150 or more, but any amount will help. To donate, you can write a check to PVPHS Band Boosters or donate online here.

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