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Tri-M Honor Society recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in music, academics, and service. Through performance and community service they develop their leadership, compassion, and confidence.

Peninsula High School Tri-M applications are accepted at the beginning of the school year through September for the coming year. Students must be enrolled in grades 10 - 12 and in a music course and must maintain a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0. Each year, there are approximately 65 - 70 members. Please look for the application, which needs to be accompanied by a transcript, in early Fall. Applications will be announced in the band and choir rooms, and the PVPHS Daily Bulletin emails. Members must re-apply each year.

Community Service is an important element of Tri-M and all members are required to participate. Any events that Tri-M will be holding throughout the year can count for hours, like holiday caroling, socials, and other events, except meetings. Students can also go see a concert, write a paragraph report on it, attach a ticket/program, and turn it in for 2 hours. For the concert reports, students must be a part of the audience and not the performer. (But if for example, they are a choir student singing at the orchestra concert, then it's ok to write a report for the orchestra concert.) Any music-related volunteering outside of Tri-M can also count, too.

In order to maintain your membership, you will need to complete at least 10 hours of music-related volunteer work (Tri-M meetings will not count) and turn in an hours log due around the end of April. If the hours are not turned in, then seniors will not receive their honor cords and underclassmen will not be re-admitted into Tri-M the following year.

Download the Volunteer Hours Log here.

Email questions to with "Tri-M" in the subject line.

Advisor: Dan Doctor

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