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Community Service

There are many ways that students can help serve their community and also earn service hours, including through music related activities. To encourage giving back to the community, students can work towards earning the Presidential Volunteer Service Award each year by completing a minimum number of volunteer hours. PVPHS Music Boosters is a certifying organization that can help to document these hours. Some ideas for earning volunteer service hours include:

  • Providing free music lessons helping younger students

  • Assisting with any of the Elementary music programs

  • Assisting any performing arts teacher with any miscellaneous music related projects

  • Volunteering to perform for or organizing and participating in a Music Booster fund raiser

  • Playing in a church ensemble

  • Performing alone or with small groups for retirement communities, shopping centers, etc.

  • Participating in Walk for Life, raising funds for cancer research and for programs offering support to cancer patients and their families

  • Participating in Pier to Pier Sketchers Walk to raise funds for the school

  • Participating in the Panther Music Mentors Summer Program

  • Operation Gratitude: ( to write letters to the Troops

  • Love Letters Cares:  ( to write letters to hospitalized children

  • Hope Phones: ( helping to collect and donate old cell phones to use in Third World Countries

  • For more ideas and information on community opportunities:


Students may use any of these ideas for community service hours or if a student has an idea that he/she would like to implement, please discuss the idea(s) with the director for guidelines and number of hours that can be attributed to the student's efforts. 

NOTE: Students may not count community service hours for projects, events, or jobs for which he/she is being paid, for practices or rehearsals, or for school events for which a student receives a grade.


​If you have any questions, please contact Becky Karlmann at

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